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NFTE Belgium, jongeren inspireren tot ondernemen

Welcome to our NFTE* website.

NFTE Belgium believes in youth and young adults!Especially those in need of unique or distinctive opportunities.

NFTE Belgium offers an innovative curriculum in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Course are led by trainers with extensive business experience, who are trained coaches. NFTE provides additional opportunities for under-privleged youth to succeed in their professional and personal lives. The young people experience the power of entrepreneurship in a very practical way; as well as the importance of positive and enterprising attitudes. More than 3300 youth and young adults in Belgium have successfully completed a NFTE training over the past ten years. Worldwide, that number is more than 350,000 young people!

In the future, NFTE will focus even more attention on the cooperation of business with our youth and young adults. Matching the needs of industry to the expectations of the youth should ultimately lead to a win-win situation for both parties.

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Lena Bondue & Erik Dauwen      Pierre Gurdjian                           
Directie NFTE Belgium                 Voorzitter NFTE Belgium                            


*NFTE:  Network For Training Entrepreneurship
*NFTE: spreek uit als Nifti. "Nifty" is een amerikaans woord voor pittig, krachtig, vernieuwend...

The Board of Directors is made up of leading "Captains of Industry". Thanks to the generous financial and material support of our corporate partners, these opportunity-seeking youth follow the NFTE training free.

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Special Events

25 april 2014: Global Businessplan Competition in Washington. 
Sandrine De Mol, Belgian YouthStart student & John Hermans, YouthStart trainer fly to Washington DC...
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Weekly Wisdom

Week 39-2013:

"Learning without understanding is not useful, but understanding to forget neihter.

(submitted by Maurice Deroost, NFTE Trainer)


I wonder...

"I wonder...if young people were actively engaged in all aspects of society, and thought of themselves as community leaders, problem solvers, role models, mentors and key "stakeholders" would the world change?"

Jennifer Corriero