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Recruitment and Training

NFTE Belgium, jongeren inspireren tot ondernemen

NFTE Belgium is always on the lookout for business people with a soft spot for young people.

If you would like to share your business knowledge and experience with young people and help them on their way to a successful career, NFTE Belgium would like to work with you. 

Recruitment and training

Trainers are the pillars of the NFTE organisation. To have experience as an entrepreneur or at least an affinity with the business world is a prerequisite. Young people also find practical examples and the trainer’s testimonies to be of crucial importance.

Involved in business

Some trainers are still professionally active, while others have sold their businesses. Some have a career in management under their belts and have taken retirement or early retirement. Some trainers have also made the choice to make a change in their lives. But they all have one thing in common: they all want to put their knowledge and experience at the service of young people. This also means that the availability of a trainer can also be very variable. Some trainers teach full-time, whereas others just give one or a few courses per year. Trainers may receive payment for their work. Expenses are always reimbursed.

Are you interested in becoming a trainer? If so, contact the NFTE office.