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Private Sector

Vital Collaboration with the Private Sector

NFTE works closely with private sector corporations who desire to contribute to society through ‘Corporate Social Responsibility.’

NFTE offers a platform for companies to work together with the social organizations to address certain public issues namely, the disadvantaged/forgotten youth. Reciprocally, the youth have the opportunity to become familiar with the realities of the business world.

For most of our students, this is the first time that they see a corporation “from the inside.” This collaboration inspires our youth towards entrepreneurship showing them the passion, the creativity as well as the effort of the entrepreneur.

NFTE has built a network of important businesses who support NFTE. Click on sponsors to see who forms the backbone of the NFTE organization. Here will you find out more about our vital collaboration.
While our main sponsors provide significant financial support to the NFTE program, there are a number of PME’s who also contribute financially to the NFTE cause.

“Microsoft strongly encourages the entrepreneurial efforts of NFTE’s young people. From Bill Gates to every one of our employees, we understand the spirit of creation. We encourage the business community to join us in supporting this great program for helping our youth get practical hands-on experience in business.”
Jeff Raikes, Office of the President, Microsoft