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NFTE USA: Global Entrepreneur of the Year

NFTE annually hosts the “Salute to the Entrepreneurial Spirit” where national and international students and trainers are honored. The event takes place in the prestigious Mariott Hotel in New York. During this event,participants and trainers are recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit. They are presented their Global Award by the founder and director of NFTE – Steve Mariotti.

Global Competition: Entrepreneur & Trainer of the year 2014

NFTE Europe: European Businessplan Competition

Each year NFTE students participate in the NFTE Europe European Business Plan Competition .

NFTE European Business plan Competition 2013: Brussels

Global Entrepreneur 2011

Appriliana Vancompenolle NFTE training CLW Roeselare.

NFTE Belgium: Entrepreneurial Dinner 2010

NFTE Belgium annually hosts the NFTE Entrepreneurial Dinner to honor our corporate sponsors. During the event "Captains of Industry" have the opportunity to network with other NFTE partners as well as to observe and appreciate the possibilities and potential of our youth.

NFTE Europe Berlin 2010

In 2010 Jens Oreel won the Gold Medal in Berlin and Louis Van Dooren the Bronze Medal.

Global Entrepreneur 2010

 Kelly Wergifoss NFTE training CEFA Don Bosco Liège.

NFTE Europe Brussels 2009

In 2009 Charlotte Schepens, Niels Bogaert (People's Choice Award winner) and Turgay Atmaca represented NFTE Belgium.

Global Entrepreneur 2009

Helena Duson NFTE training VDAB Aalst.

Global Entrepreneur 2008

Andrew Vermeulen NFTE training CDO Don Bosco Wilrijk.

Global Entrepreneur 2007

Miguel Garcia NFTE training CVL Kortrijk.

Global Entrepreneur 2006

Samly Pham NFTE training Stebo.

Global Entrepreneur 2005

Leslie Strijbol NFTE training Atel Antwerpen.