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Students & Successes

Ilja Theuwissen

Ilja was one of our first NFTE students. He didn’t find secondary school challenging enough, so he delved into IT. He followed IT training in combination with a NFTE course as a whizkid. Ilja caught the freelance bug immediately. He became a free-lance IT consultant and now has his own small IT company, Safecam, that provides individuals and companies with wireless camera surveillance ( One of his projects involved security at the Pukkelpop festival in Werchter.

Kelly Wergifoss

First of all, I would like to thank NFTE for the many things I have learned. 

When I followed the NFTE training at CEFA Don Bosco, I thought, like so many others, that I was a bit stupid and that I would never achieve anything more than being a simple sales assistant. I also thought that a NFTE training wouldn’t make any difference to that,  but I was wrong. I prejudged everything, as so many other people had done to me. Thanks to the NFTE training, I gave myself a purpose in life: within a few years, I want to open my own shop. But I am now so motivated that I have resumed my studies so that I will have something in my hands on which I can build my life. 

Thank you to everyone at NFTE!


Miguel Garcia

Miguel didn’t enjoy secondary school much. He preferred to be a painter, which is how he ended up at the Learning and Working Centre. Thanks to the NFTE course he followed there, he quickly discovered he had a talent for business. Soon afterwards, he started up his one man painting company. Thanks to the knowledge he gained from his NFTE course, he was able to quickly develop his business into an interior decoration company. This is when he really came into his stride and he created a second company, specialised in flooring. He is now a successful entrepreneur and has 15 employees. He says he has business in his blood. We’re sure we haven’t heard the last of him. Visit his exciting website at:

Jens Oreel

My name is Jens Oreel and I live in Nieuwpoort.

Things started not going well in secondary school. After I repeated three years in a technical school, I went into part-time education, which is how I came into contact with the NFTE training. Since I had had enough of school, I was often absent. But if it was a day with NFTE training, I went to school with a smile. Here, I learned how to draw up a real business plan and, in fact, a whole lot more than that... I won the business plan competition in my group and then I won the Gold Medal at the European NFTE Business Plan Competition in Berlin with my innovative take-away coffee concept that I’m sure you’re going to hear about!

NFTE provided me with very high-quality training that even a lot of managers would find useful according to Prof. Hans Crijns of the Vlerick Management School. Since NFTE trainers work in business themselves, they have a completely different approach compared to teachers, they grab the group’s attention really quickly.

I’m working as the youngest employee in the Media Markt in Ostend at the moment. Thanks to the insights and training that NFTE has given me, I’m one of the better employees. The top sales person on a monthly basis is often showing my name!. I was recently promoted to Assistant Department Manager - IT after a year of working at Media Markt Ostend. NFTE not only helped me discover my hunger for knowledge but also my talent. A talent that I had never expected to have is to devise creative business concepts and developing them into a fully-fledged business plan. And I can always go back to NFTE with any questions or problems.

I am hugely thankful to NFTE for the work they do with young people and I hope that one day I can do the same in return.

Helena Duson

As a teenager, Helena had to cope with many personal misfortunes. Thanks to the NFTE course, she found new energy, and her dream to become a hairdresser. Not long afterwards, she opened a hair salon that she furnished herself in Aalst. She used only second-hand furniture that she repaired and painted herself. She even laid a stone floor herself. Her start-up capital for the project was only EUR 1,700. She is living proof that you don’t necessarily have to have large capital to start up your own company. Helena is also a creative person. She paints, creates jewelry and makes beautiful “green” clothes from recycled materials. She is also socially committed and takes part in various neighbourhood activities. And she now in turn provides advice to NFTE students who visit her. Take a look at how creative she is at

Mohammad Raieme

Mohammad is a political refugee from Afghanistan. Many family members were killed during the troubles. He came to Belgium without any possessions. He refused help from the social services: he wanted to work to earn his income. First, he followed an IT course in combination with a NFTE course. When his apartment burned down, all he had left were the clothes on his back, but he picked himself right  up. He was determined: he was going to set up his own business in jewelry, clothing, kitchenware and leather goods. NFTE provided him with advice and assistance when he created the company. He currently has three shops and owns his own premises. His motto is “Look positively to the future!”

Joanna Bogacz

Joanna is an immigrant from Poland, which means it’s not easy to find a job in Belgium. She decided to follow training as an administrative clerk at Atel Antwerp, a major partner of NFTE. She had no intention of setting out on her own, but quickly changed her mind when she was on the NFTE course. She started selling coats and jackets made from Tuscan lamb’s wool and Spanish merino, first of all to private individuals, then as a wholesaler to boutiques all over Belgium. She has also gradually expanded her range. Joanna still regularly calls on NFTE for advice. She once said: “If it hadn’t been for NFTE Belgium, I would never have set up a business on my own”…